Auto Injury

Auto injury accidents are a common cause of musculoskeletal injury. Even minor fender benders can lead to some problems in the body. In Littleton, CO, Dr. Philip Willner provides treatment for all spinal related pain and auto injury injuries as well as shoulder, arm pain, hip, knee and leg pain. Using a Physical therapy approach to Chiropractic allows a faster recuperation and longer lasting results thereby needing less treatment.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors do so much more than adjust your spine. Chiropractors study the entire musculoskeletal system and how our moving parts all work together. 

An auto accident can cause any number of injuries that are directly related, from dislocated joints to spinal misalignment. 

What Auto Injury Treatments Can A Chiropractor Provide?

The therapies we often use include ultrasound combined with electrical stimulation or myofascial trigger point release. This prepares the spine and surrounding muscles for a more effective chiropractic adjustment. Exercise, stretching, and range of motion therapies are often included with treatment recommendations, as well.

Chiropractic Adjustments

If you were in a car accident, your spine is likely misaligned even if it feels fine.

A spinal misalignment can cause uneven weight in the back and muscles will have to work harder to compensate. Misaligned vertebrae can pinch discs and nerves, causing pain, burning, or numbness. 

An adjustment will place the vertebrae back into proper alignment, relieving the symptoms of the issues it was causing.

Electrical Stimulation Therapies

Electrical current is directed to target muscles, which induces a degree of flexing. In a controlled manner, this can lead the body to offer natural pain relief to sore muscles. This treatment has been used to reduce muscle spasms by offsetting the muscle contractions that are occurring. 

Stimulation therapies have also been shown to reduce inflammation by improving circulation, which improves the recovery time after an auto injury.

If you are in Littleton, CO, and wonder if Dr. Philip Willner may be able to provide you auto injury treatments, call 720-283-8006 to schedule a consultation and begin your path to recovery today!

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